Cambron Family Landscaping

Cambron Family Landscaping is starting to wake up for the warm weather!!

Here is our current project. We took out all the grass. Hamburgered the soil. And I am not sure what the plans are yet but I think there will be some small trees planted (Approved by city of Seattle).

And if you want to see the before grass. Well you can kind of see it in one of AriannaKitty's videos about 8 minutes into it, but I recommend watching the whole video.

Cambron Family Landscaping in Seattle 2017/08/25

I discovered this cool color when I was mixing code from my phpflare .com (business closed; for now) with my landscaping business code. Kind of like it, but it is not so seattle-ish. People seem to like it so we are trying it out.

Cambron Family Landscaping is staying busy just a little.

Fun video with AriannaKitty at Cambron Family Landscaping.